Managing personal change

We're in a time of massive change both within our professional and perhaps more significantly across the country. The question is how can Library professionals deal with/manange change effectively and what are the most important skills you need to foster in order to deal with change?

Roy Tennant's article in the Library Journal Digital Libraries column posts his thoughts about how Library professionals should approach change. He makes some interesting points, of which my favourites are:

  • Don’t be afraid of forgetting. These days you don’t need to remember very much. You can look everything else up on the Internet. And in the age of the smartphone and tablet devices, you can often do this at times where you never could before.

  • Don’t blindly embrace the new. Not every technology that comes down the pike is worth your time and attention. It may be worth enough time to assess it, but don’t think just because it is new and shiny that it should be immediately embraced.

  • Look forward. Ever, ever, look forward. Because that is the present you will soon inhabit. Because that is the force that will shape your life — with or without your permission or acquiescence. Because that is what you hope to make better
Via the iLibrarian