Integrating applications into the Intranet

This is something I'm thinking about right now so it was interesting to read Catherine Grenfell's blog post called "Integreating applications into the intranet" on the Step Two Designs blog.

Right from the outset Catherine highlights the most important thing to remember when integrating an application into the Internet, that is that the experience for staff should be "seamless" Staff don't want to have to worry about where the application sits or exists, they just need to know that it sits somewhere within the Intranet and that they can access it easily and of course seamlessly.

Catherine goes on to look at the different types of "applications" from Embedded applications which might appears as part of the Intranet in both design and appearance, Unique applications, which will appear different from the Intranet in design and appearance and External applications, which are usually systems which are sourced externally but might be broadly branding to match the organisations branding. How well you can integrate these types of applications ultimately depends on the CMS or WCMS you're using.

Catherine then goes on to outline some of the basics around integrating applications within the Intranet, touching on the Intranet homepage, which is a contentious issue the world over!! Catherine also mentions collaboration and social tools which as Catherine writes "...has made it less clear to staff where the intranet starts and ends"

This is a really interesting which provides a good introduction to how intranet links should be organised by Intranet teams.