Enterprise 2.0 and Information Professionals – a perfect match?

In the latest blog post on the Information Matters blog Martin De Saulles writes about the "close match between the core skills of library and information professionals and the core elements required to effectively deploy Web 2.0 and social media in the organisation" in his post he uses the diagram I've reproduced on this page to demonstrate how the elements of Enterprise 2.0 can be matched closely to the work of Information Professionals and asks "I am being too simplistic?"

I agree that there is certainly an opportunity for Information Professionals to extend their influence to a certain degree the "problem" is that Enterprise 2.0 and Social Media tools take control away from the individuals who would traditionally manage them.
I'll take Classification as an example in the pre Enterprise 2.0 world resources would be classified by an Information Professional and then made available. In the Enterprise 2.0 world users are created their own classifications (tags) on the fly, dynamically as and when they need them, with little or no input from Information Professionals, Managers, Knowledge Managers...you name it. Don't agree tell me why?