Enterprise 2.0 and Information Professionals – a perfect match?

In the latest blog post on the Information Matters blog Martin De Saulles writes about the "close match between the core skills of library and information professionals and the core elements required to effectively deploy Web 2.0 and social media in the organisation" in his post he uses the diagram I've reproduced on this page to demonstrate how the elements of Enterprise 2.0 can be matched closely to the work of Information Professionals and asks "I am being too simplistic?"

I agree that there is certainly an opportunity for Information Professionals to extend their influence to a certain degree the "problem" is that Enterprise 2.0 and Social Media tools take control away from the individuals who would traditionally manage them.
I'll take Classification as an example in the pre Enterprise 2.0 world resources would be classified by an Information Professional and then made available. In the Enterprise 2.0 world users are created their own classifications (tags) on the fly, dynamically as and when they need them, with little or no input from Information Professionals, Managers, Knowledge Managers...you name it. Don't agree tell me why?

Are you a social media savvy Librarian?

What "competencies" do you need to demonstrate in order to be a "social media literate" Librarian?

The blogpost Top Ten (10) Social Media Competencies for Librarians outlines exactly what's required.

In my mind the first five are the most important, closely followed by points 6 and 9. But who am I to say, let me know what you think should be the Top 10 Social Media competencies.

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Finding expertise in your organisation

Finding expertise in your organisation is the title of an excellent article in FUMSI in which Connie Crosby looks at how we can find experts in the organisations we work for.

Connie begins her article by looking at what expertise is, why we would look for expertise and perhaps most importantly for information specialists the sources we can use to find expertise including some of the new social web applications. Overall this is an excellent article which is well worth spending 5 minutes reading.

The Running Librarian

I've known I've been really bad recently! I've not been posting as much as I should have but I blame moving house on my radio silence.

I'm back now and relatively DIY free so I hope you'll keep reading my posts!

Running free!

Do you run with or without a watch? The last race I ran (Margate 1/2 Marathon) I completely forgot to bring my watch which meant I couldn't tell how quick or probably more accurate how slow I was running. I was also surprised to see how many people there weren't wearing watches I know because I asked a few people how long we'd been running!

It got me thinking does running wearing a watch actually impede your running? I know that when I run wearing a watch I will often check the watch to see how I'm doing and if I'm running too slow try and speed up, but is this necessarily a good thing?

Just some food for thought!

Margate 1/2 Marathon

Two weeks ago I ran the Margate 1/2 Marathon. This was my first 1/2 Marathon in more than 2 years and my first race since I ran the Mid Kent 5 miler. On top of that the last time I'd run at least 10 miles was in February!

Before I reveal my time I have to say this was a very well organised event. Taking place between Margate and Broadstairs the course takes in much of the Viking coast and though described as "undulating" it is quite hilly in parts, although this didn't detract from what is a very enjoyable race. I also realised how lucky I was to live near to such nice parts of the coast, even if they were very steep!

Given that the course was described as "undulating" I was delighted to get round in a time of 2 hours 1 minute and 38 seconds. I was running "free", more on that in another post, so would have pushed for the line If I'd have known how close I was to running under 2 hours.

The day also hosts the Kent Coastal Marathon so there was a good mix of people running the 1/2 Marathon and the Marathon although how people could go on to run another 13.1 miles I don't know! My next race is (I hope) the Faversham 10k followed by the Folkestone 1/2 Marathon, the Sittingbourne 10 miler and then the big one the Royal Parks 1/2 Marathon which I'm running with two of my work colleagues and raising money for Fight for Sight, it's not too late to sponsor us!