You get what you pay for - Mid-Kent 5 Miler

Yesterday I took part in the Mid Kent 5 miler this event, which was hosted by Velocity Events took place in the very scenic village of Staplehurst, in well Mid Kent. The course was described as fast and flat and a potential 5 mile PB was on the cards. Sadly I'm still not fully fit and lumbered round in time of 39:15 which put me 67th out of 122 starters.

Overall I felt better about this result then the 10k at Deal and my pace had I continued on for another 1.2 miles would have seen me complete 10k in approximately 48:31 which is 4 minutes faster then my time at Deal and getting back towards times I would expect to be running.

Now the reason I've put "You get what you pay" is because this was a "cheap as chips" race and it showed. The start was at the top of a road which wasn't closed so had traffic coming up it as we started. There were no signs on the road indicating there were going to be runners so cars were speeding around without a care in the world. As far as I can see there was no first aid provision but they might have made this clear in the application form and finally and perhaps the funniest thing about the race the finish was in a lay-by opposite an Esso Garage!

Having said all of that I'll probably run the race next year to see if I can better my time!