Who do you think you are!?

Sadly this blog post isn't going to be about the BBC television programme of the same name but about something close to my heart which is the role of an "Intranet manager"

Two "recently" published blog posts have made me read around the subject and it's quite interesting to see what other people think. The first blog post was Intranet Manager role: evolve or devolve? this looks at the results of a Global Intranet Strategies Survey which specifically looks at the Intranet Manager role.

The second blog post was "So you think you're an Intranet manager" this is perhaps the more interesting article as it asks "...what does the title of Intranet Manager actually mean: does the job focus on communications, or tech, or are you taking care of both?" The article then asks some Intranet Managers what they think they do. There are some interesting quotes and examples from Intranet Managers about what they do, although my favourite has to be Intranet Managers "...solve communications problems and needs with technology" That pretty much sums up the challenge we face!

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    # by Unknown - Wednesday, August 18, 2010

    Hi James,

    Just to say thanks for the link to our blog post on Intranet Ideas! Are you currently working with intranets yourself?


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    # by Mark - Wednesday, August 18, 2010

    As I see it the company Intranet has evolved from an information source to a platform for individual and team productivity. Much as the web at large has evolved from brochure-ware "Web 1.0" sites to the interactive, collaborative experiences of today.
    For the company intranet and intranet manager what this means is that their success should be measured in terms of productivity gains they bring to the employees of the company. I'd be interested to know what you make of this post by Gerry McGovern: "How to Measure the Success of your Intranet" http://www.gerrymcgovern.com/nt/2010/nt-2010-05-03-Measure-intranet.htm