How is SharePoint used in Libraries?

Fumsi have published a very interesting article on the use of SharePoint within Libraries, called originally "How is SharePoint used in Libraries" the article detail the results of a survey undertaken in March 2010 which asked about the usage of SharePoint in Libraries. The focus of the article appears to be on using SharePoint as a Library Management system or at the very least integrating an existing Library Management system with SharePoint.

There are some very interesting points made in this survey which will be of interest to any library/librarian considering using SharePoint for this purpose.

  • The majority of the survey participants used SharePoint from within an Intranet
  • The majority of the Librarians who responsed stated they would not be able to find enough time to learn which web parts could help them with their Library management tasks.
  • All of the participants would prefer a ready-made integrated library system.

So some good and bad points here, SharePoint as we know does require some customisation and coding (not necessarily by a Librarian) which means it can be quite hard to start using it straight away.

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    # by ross88guy - Wednesday, September 01, 2010

    I set-up a Sharepoint server for a few uni projects last year. Great bit of kit!