BIALL Conference - first thoughts

Last Friday I attended the 2nd day of the Annual BIALL Conference. This year the Conference took place in Brighton. This was the second time I'd been to Brighton to attend the Annual Conference back in 2006 I was Chair of the Legal Information Group (LIG) and was chairing a session run by LIG called "Too many resources - too little time" That was a great conference and this one despite the fact I only attended for one day was even better.

That might have been because I was presenting with my colleague Anneli Sarkanen on how we're currently using wikis at our law firm or it might have been because I was able to catch up with some friends I hadn't seen in a long time, either way I had a fantastic time and would of course recommend the BIALL Conference to anyone who hasn't attended before. However If you want to read an impartial view of the Conference then I suggest reading Woodsiegirl's post "BIALL Conference 2010 - General refelection" Woodsiegirl makes some good points about the lack of WiFI or rather the cost of WiFI which was just ridiculous! and about how friendly BIALL are...they really really are!

I'm planning to write some posts about some of the sessions I attended in due course. I'm also certain a lot of the slides are going to be published on the BIALL website but if you're interested in the keynote speech from David Gurteen I've embedded the presentation, which David has published to Slideshare, below.

Enterprise 2.0: the use of social tools within an organisation

Steve Perry (ex-Freshfields) has published his presentation from the recent Perfect Information Conference. The presentation "Enterprise 2.0 - The use of social tools with an organisation" looks in detail at Enterprise 2.0 and how it could be used within an organisation.

The presentation starts with a couple of good definitions of Enterprise 2.0, the clearest in my opinion has to be the following "Building, intuitive, collaborative tools and solutions that let people work in a flexible way"

Steve then looks at some of the challenges of implementing Enterprise 2.0, the business benefits associated with using Enterprise 2.0 tools and some of the reasons why it's important for organisations to embrace Enterprise 2.0. The presentation finishes with a look at some of the future developments in Enterprise 2.0, this include Search tools becoming even more important and end-user generated content.

This is a useful introduction to how Enterprise 2.0 actually works in an organisation. I've embedded the presentation below for everyone to enjoy.

So what is Knowledge Management?

I've often struggled with finding a very clear definition of Knowledge Management so was delighted when I saw the video below from Chris Collinson if you're looking for a good definition of Knowledge Management, look no further.