You cant force me to do it!

I enjoyed reading a recent post on the Jack Vinson blog called "You cant make me do it" in the post Jack links to a Tweet from Euan Semple which I've published in full below:

"no matter what you are trying to achieve social media adoption happens one person at a time and for their reasons not yours"

Jack goes on to explain what this means"...if you really want this "social media thing" to be a way of working, then each person needs to pick up the tools and figure out how the tools make sense for THEM"

I absolutely agree with this, you can do all the training and demonstrations in the world, but at the end of day someone is only going to use a social media tool if they have a good reason. That might because it has become part of their workflow or because it's the best way to share knowledge, either way there has to be something that makes them want to use the social media tool your're implementing.
Some very good advice in Jack's post, which is well worth reviewing.