How effective is your intranet in an emergency?

I haven't ever really posted much about Intranets on this blog, but that will probably change as a lot of my work is involved around managing an Intranet.

So given the recent issues with volcanoes the UK has been experiencing the following blog post called "How effective is your Intranet in an emergency" caught my eye.

From the blog post "You never know when an emergency may strike so the best preparation is careful assessment and planning of systems and strategies that can be used to minimize the effect of the emergency. As people are rarely in the place they expect to be during an emergency, the intranet can play a key role in ensuring that employees have access to the information they need to be able to step in for their co-workers"

There is some sound advice in this blog post and I recommend reading the full article by Martin White called "Intranet support for emergency planning - the air flight ban in Europe"