How social media is transforming corporate knowledge management

This is the title of an interesting post from the "Many doors marketing blog" which looks at how social media is as the title suggests transforming how knowledge is shared and created within a corporate context.

The article is predominantly a discussion of Sharepoint and a solution called Sharepoint Social Sites, which makes creating and publishing content on Sharepoint easier for those users who may not be comfortable with or familiar with creating content on Sharepoint. The blog post also touches on the importance of adoption and how difficult it can be to encourgae people to use collaborative tools like Sharepoint.

From the blog post "There’s a chicken and egg relationship here. A collaboration system must achieve and maintain a critical mass of adoption and engagement to be self-sustaining. Few people are going to adopt and engage if nothing of value is happening on the system because not enough other people have adopted and engaged. To attract this level of participation the experience should be easy (low frustration), useful (practical results are usually obtained), and emotionally rewarding (users experience satisfaction or even enjoy using it). Otherwise a collaboration system risks turning into a quiet information cul de sac no matter how impressive its technology

I absolutely agree with this statement, there is no point in (A) forcing collaborative tools on individuals, they simply wont use them and (B) building sites/spaces for individuals when they haven't asked for them, they will remain unused and unloved or a best a bit like a ghost town. This blog post doesn't offer any advice on how to avoid this but does who how Sharepoint and Sharepoint social sites could be used as a collaborative tool.