Social tagging and the enterprise: Does Tagging Work at Work?

I stumbled across this blog post late last week and thought it interesting enought to write about it. In the post, which is a review of another post on social tagging within the enterprise, the author describes how nowadays tagging of content (photos, videos, books, blog post, facebook friends) is seemingly ubiquitous but within an enterprise tagging has been slow to catch on.

How great would it be if you could find the policy you tagged yesterday or the form that you found yesterday and tagged as a "form" well this is the potential of social tagging within the enterprise.

But why would you want to introduce tagging within an enterprise? well you only have to look at how well used sites like Delicious, Digg, Stumbledupon are to appreciate the potential for indivdiauls to tag content that exists within their workplace.

So why would you want to implement a social tagging solution, well as the author describes for one thing they're cheap "They don’t represent a big investment, and are relatively simple to implement. Additionally, the technology is usually relatively easy to use"...."Tagging can supplement information retrieval options in intranets and document management systems, allowing employees to use tags to enhance the findability of internal and external content without waiting for an information professional to categorize it."

There are obviously implications for information professionals and many will argue that allowing individuals to categorise content themselves is actually "dangerous", whichever way you look at it however social tagging is a concept that isn't going to go away. So for an insight into this area I thoroughly recommend this blog post.

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    # by Mark Gould - Monday, March 15, 2010

    That is an interesting post (although it is not a review, but a straight copy of the original one -- I have no idea why people do this).

    The big problem is that enterprise social tagging is often discussed, and there are some tools that do the job for web-based content (often not as well as Delicious and its ilk), but I have yet to see one that will tag documents in a DMS. Basically, if you don't have a web page you are SOL.