Social Software at Addleshaw Goddard

Mark Gould of Enlightened Traditions has written a very interesting article in the latest edition of the Internet Newsletter for Lawyers*

In the article Mark describes how Addleshaw Goddard started using Social Software, beginning with two blogs for their business services team, which ran on Wordpress. The article describes how these blogs started and how well they've fared since their initial development.

The article then looks at how wikis were developed at Addleshaw's starting with a wiki for a Corporate Partner and swiftly moving on to wikis as tools to support knowledge sharing within key client teams. Mark then goes on to describe the other wikis that are available these cover "legal knowledge" and includes wikis for the Employment, Projects and Pensions practice groups. There are some very interesting points raised in this part of the article around responsibilities which will apply to all wikis no matter where they're deployed. As Mark writes "...wikis have to have clear leadership...this entails a number of define the purpose and structure of the be clear about what the function of the wiki is...and to promote the wiki as a useful tool"

These are probably the most difficult things to do but are crucial to the development of any wiki so should be clearly defined from the outset. The final part of the article looks at the developments Addleshaw Goddard have made to their blogs including incorporating plugins within the blogs to support the use of tags.

This is a really interesting article, which demonstrates how Social Software can be used in Law Firms.

*You will need to have a subscription to Internet Newsletter for Laywers in order to read this article.

Photo courtesy of Matt Hamm