The role of technology in Knowledge Management

This is an interesting short video interview of Chris Collinson, co-author of Learning to fly in the video Chris is asked for his view view on the question of "the role of technology in knowledge management"

Chris makes some really interesting points in this video. None better then "technology can be disruptive" but often in good ways, the example Chris then provides is of Twitter. Twitter is an excellent example of a disruptive technology because it helps us connect with individuals we might not have ever connected with.

Chris then argues that the term KM 2.0 is one that should be used carefully. Using this term would imply that all KM tools and practices had been superseded when actually there is a lot of value from using a "blended approach" that is a combination of KM 2.0 tools and techniques and practivces developed before anyone even starting using the term 2.0.

The final point Chris makes is that the focus of technology in KM is now more about "connecting" then "collecting" there are still tools available that assist individuals in the collection of know how, but even these are becoming social.

There are even more points then these in this video so I thoroughly recommend you watch it for a useful insight.

This video was originally published on the Knowledge Jolt blog. More videos like this one are available from the eClerxServices YouTube channel.