Explaining Enterprise 2.0 in one minute!

If you had one minute to try and explain Enterprise 2.0 to someone what would you say?

Well Oscar Berg at the Content Economy blog has got not one but two definitions for Enterprise 2.0...

“Enterprise 2.0 is all about using technology to bring brains together effectively.” - Andrew McAfee, Associate Professor Harvard Business School

Okay that's quite an interesting way to explain Enterprise 2.0 but it's really the concept, if you're looking for a way to explain what it really means Oscar provides a handly little paragraph at the end of his blog post:

"Enterprise 2.0 is a term for business practices and technologies originating from the social web - such as blogs, wikis, feeds and social networking - which can be used to improve communication, findability and discovery of information, knowledge sharing, collaboration and innovation within an enterprise"

There you go, you've just to to remember that now!

Photo - Flickr