Rolling with social tools

Stephen Perry (ex Freshfields) has joined Headshift as a partner in Headshift's project delivery network and has written a short but very interesting piece called "Rolling out social tools within law firms"

If there is one thing I would take from this article, it is two points within the first two paragraphs of the article;

"Many legal professionals have been slow to embrace social networking and social tools for reasons of; fears of security, privacy breaches, perception of time wasting and Internet horror stories but organisations must learn to manage these risks and challenges, as with previous "new" technologies."

I couldn't agree more! I also like Steve's approach to managing certain aspects of the wiki via a "tight/loose" approach "There are some things you need to grip tightly like the corporate look and feel/branding along with the high level taxonomy but then leave many areas loose and flexible so people experiment and try things out to see what works for them." This seems like a very sensible approach to using this type of tool and to managing them and it has obviously worked well for Freshfields. I hope we'll see more of the same from Steve in the near future.