The "Tao" of tweeting

In a recent post on Mashable called "The tao of Tweeting" Soren Gordhamer looks at some of the lessons that could be learned from the ancient chinese book the Tao te Ching

The four lessons that Soren has identified are:

  • Show versus tell - or how we should provide good, quality information related to a subject matter, rather then just tell people how great we are.
  • Have a passion for the process - This is really about being passionate about Tweeting, not only about how many followers you have.
  • Finding a balance - This is about knowing when to Tweet and perhaps more importantly when not to!
  • Focus on what you can add, not the technology - This is about remembering that its not the technology that matters, it's what you add to the "What is happening" box

This is a really interesting post, which surprisingly struck a real chord with me!

[Hat tip - the iLibrarian]

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