Measuring the ROI of social media and blogging

How does a law firm measure the Return on Investment (ROI) of its Social media or blogging efforts? that's the question asked in this post "How does a law firm measure ROI on its social media and blogging efforts? from the blog Real Lawyers have Blogs

The short answer is that ultimately it's an increase in "legal business" as long as social media and blogging are part of a well run strategic campaign then this should be the outcome. The post goes on to discuss some of the "milestones" that mark whether you're delivering ROI as well as a set of questions that law firms should ask themselves, these include the following:

  • Am I expanding my reach? Are more people within my target audience seeing me? It could be via search engines, but more importantly do they see you quoted in blogs and by reporters? Do they see you speaking at conferences or seminars they attend?
  • Am I engaging my target audience of clients, prospective clients, referral sources, and the influencers of those three (reporters, bloggers, association leaders, conference coordinators, and publishers)?
  • Am I building my influence among this target audience? Measure influence by how often you are cited in other blogs, Twitter, and the like. Citations are a measure of whether you're viewed as a reliable and trusted authority in your niche.
  • Does your target audience request action? Are they asking to talk with you? Do they want to review with you a matter they are working on?

As the post indicates, if you can answer all these questions with good answers then you're definitely heading in the right direction.