Keeping an eye out for social media snake oil

Kevin O'Keefe has published an interesting post called Law firms should beware social media snake oil in it he refers to a post from Business Week, called "Beware Social Media snake oil" in the post from Businss Week the author argues that " entire industry of consultants has arisen to help companies navigate the world of social networks, blogs, and wikis. The self-proclaimed experts range from legions of wannabes, many of them refugees from the real estate bust, to industry superstars"

Kevin goes on to say that "Many legal professionals, reporters, conference coordinators, and bloggers are letting these 'experts' get away with it. They're defining social media expertise by the number of Twitter followers, blog mentions, LinkedIn connections, or website hits one has"

So what is the point of these blog posts? Kevin argues that using Social Media successfully doesn't happen overnight, you have to work on it and importantly it isn't a numbers game. The best advice from either of these blog posts come in the last paragraphs of Kevin's where he says "Go with what makes sense from someone who seems like a trusted and reliable source" very sound advice, not just when thinking about Social Media.

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    # by Kevin OKeefe - Wednesday, December 23, 2009

    Thanks for sharing word of post with your readers James. Like the way you put - go with what makes common sense. Like with a lot of things, going with your gut can serve you better than going with the folks who tell you they're experts.

    Take care and have a great Christmas.