How to manage those "boundaries"

The Fast Forward Blog published a post earlier this month about the blurring of the "boundaries" between personal social networking and work related social networking. Called "How to Manage Fuzzy Boundaries Between Work, Personal Social Networking"

From the blog post "An issue that social networking is bringing to the fore — and has enormous legal implications for organizations — is where the social networking for an employer stops and personal social networking begins. This boundary keeps getting fuzzier and fuzzier all the time"

The blog post provides some advice on how you can manage this issue, the advice which was provided is as follows:

  • Extend traditional boundaries of etiquette and propriety
  • Teach people the boundaries from a good place
  • Think about whether an employee is a company rep 24/7
  • What is secret needs to say secret, but let’s not obsess about it
  • Risk has always been part of doing business

There is a lot more detail on what these issues actually mean on the blog post itself, so I recommend everyone has a look at these. What I will say is that there is some sound advice here.

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