Could your next event use Social Media?

Chris Brogan has written an excellent post on using social media at events. Called "How events could use Social Media" Chris highlights three areas where event organisers could use Social Media, they are;

  • Social Media Buzzes Up Potential Attendance
  • Social Media Extends Communities
  • Video and Audio Materials Drive Awareness

I think using social media is a great way to encourage people not only to attend your event but also to talk about it before, during and after. Before an event you could encourage people to post a Tweet indicating that they were attending, they might even find discover other people who are attending the event that they could meet up with.

During the event organisers could post updates and encourage others to do the same, this ensures that anybody who wasn't able to attend can see what is happening depsite this. Finally after the event slides and other materials could be posted to the various social media platforms. Something for BIALL to consider maybe?