Taking social media inside the Enterprise

What are the guidelines that companies should provide employees when they're using Web 2.0 tools inside their organisation? This is the question Bill Ives asks in his blog post More on Taking Social Media Policies Inside Enterprise 2.0 - Eight Issues to Consider this post is a follow up to his post Social Media Policy Outside and Inside the Enterprise in which he looked at some of the social media policies published by companies.

Bill list 10 points, which he believes are crucial for the development of social media policies within an organisation. They are;

  • A clear company philosophy
  • Providing a definition of "social networking/social media"
  • Identifying oneself as an employee of the company
  • Recommending others
  • Referring to clients, customers, or partners
  • Proprietary or confidential information
  • Terms of Service
  • Copyright and other legal issues
  • Productivity impact
  • Disciplinary action

The only points I'm not certain about are "Recommending others" and "Terms of service" in the point on Terms of Service Bill argues that anyone who uses social media tools within the enterprise should be aware of their terms of service. It seems unlikely to me that many employees would read the ToS for any application they use, but maybe I'm wrong?