Is Social Media a drug?

I recently read an article in the Daily Mail (I don't ordinarily read the Daily Mail) about internet addiction and some of the "symptoms" so it was interesting that I then read a post on the Fast Forward Blog called "Is Social Media the new cigarette?"

This post examines a survey of social media use by individuals in the US. Unsurprisingly Twitter came out at the most "addictive" "For respondents under age 35, 27% of those who use Facebook said they check it more than 10 times a day compared to 39% of Twitter users checking in on Twitter more than 10 times a day. I certainly find twitter more addictive. The activity is very fast and real time so you want to stay connected and it is easy to make a quick check."

Now I wouldn't say I'm addicted to Twitter, I certainly find it a very useful tool for finding out what other people in my area of work are doing and for letting people know what I'm doing. Twitter success is helped in no small part by the fact you can Tweet from practically anywhere!