Developing a Web 2.0 strategy

Nina Platt of the Strategic Librarian blog has written an interesting blog post on the steps you need to take to ensure the development of Web 2.0 within your organisation is strategic. Called Web 2.0 & Marketing: Develop a Strategy from Start to Finish the post takes and interesting look at the Do's and Dont's of developing a strategic plan for the development of Web 2.0/Social media tools.

Nina includes a really useful lists of Do's and Dont's, which I'd encourage everyone involved in the implementation of Web 2.0 tools to have a look at. Some of these might seem obvious but if you're working with these tools on a daily basis there can be a tendency not to see or plan for the obvious.

Nina has also included the following powerpoint presentation in her post this looks at how Web 2.0 tools can be used within Law Firms with a focus on the use of wikis and some of the best practices associated with using this tool.