What is Google Wave?

Everybody is talking about, the next big thing from one of the many development teams at Google is Google Wave. But what on earth is it?

Well, you could watch the extremely loooooong video on the Google Wave website, but if you'd prefer to watch something a bit shorter then you cant go wrong with the following overview from the Google Wave development team.

Then if you manage to bag yourself an invite to Google Wave, you'll want to have a read of the "Google Wave 101" on Lifehacker

If however you want my opinion on what Google Wave is then I'd say this "Google Wave is an application that provides hosted conversations, so you have one copy of a conversation, which everyone can contribute to. Rather then 4,8,10,12 email conversations. Google Wave also uses robots and other tools to add value and more content to "conversations" with other people. It really does look very good!