A great career choice?

I've promised to do this and I've finally sat down and done it, following a meme started by Woodsie Girl ,then Jennie Law and finally Maria Robertson I'm going to describe how and why I ended up as a Librarian.

It sounds weird to say this but I knew from a fairly early age that I was going to work in Libraries. My mum was a Librarian when she was young, although she worked in public libraries ins some very interesting places in London. She raved about how she enjoyed the work and the people she worked with. I was fascinated by some of the stories she would roll out. So as soon as I started my A-Levels I knew what my choice of degree was going to be Information and Library Management at either the University of Birmingham or Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU)

Unfortunately the grades I achieved meant I couldn't go to Birmingham University but I did get into LJMU where I spent three fantastic years learning everything I need to know about Librarianship including some very interesting tutorials on cataloguing, which I don't think I've ever put into practice since! After graduating I moved back home where I immediately found a job at my local further education college. This wasn't a traditional library role but it developed over the three years I was there to the extent that I could complete my chartership. From there I moved to another further education, this time in Hounslow near Heathrow. This was a completely different experience from my first role. After 18 months I saw a position which was described as a "Serials Librarian". Unfortunately I didn't get this role but the agency who advertised the role registered my details and soon I was being interviewed by current employers.

From there I haven't really looked back and now find myself moving to another role in a different law firm which I'm really excited about. This role is very different from my existing one and will build on all the skills I've been developing over the last few years. As to what the future holds...who knows only good things I hope.

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    # by richhawk57 - Thursday, October 01, 2009

    Hi there, an interesting read clearly you are one of those librarians who decided at quite an early age. I on the other hand, just fell into the job, but it was the best thing that happened to me career-wise. Funny how people can end up in similar positions but coming from completely different starting points isn't it?

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    # by Ned Potter - Saturday, October 10, 2009

    One of the few people I've heard about who actually did the whole degree rather than just the Masters. What was it like - do you reckon you learned significantly more than your Masters-only counterparts? Were there placements and that type of thing?

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    # by Clare Brown - Friday, October 16, 2009

    @thewikiman - blimey I thought there was quite a few of us who did the BA/BSc degree? Yes, I always wanted to be a librarian too so did my undergrad degree at Loughborough. My Masters degree was for me and me alone in something I enjoyed.

    6 week placement in the second year though I'd been working in my local library since A levels and then every holiday.

    I guess you get a more ongoing feel for the subject tho I did mine jointly with English. Loved it all apart from abstracting and cat&class... I was never going to be a 'traditional librarian' which is why law lib'ship suits me fine.