Knowledge Management - More than the sum of its parts

I've just finished reading the ILTA White paper - Knowledge Management - More than the sume of its parts this was published in June of this year but is well worth reading. The following articles were of most interest to me:

  • The ABCs of KM - this looks at the importance of KM and provides a Knowledge Management checklist.
  • Web 2.0 features in a KM World - this article looks at how Web 2.0 features can be incorporate to enhance knowledge management. It includes an interesting discussion on tagging content.
  • Doing more KM for less with Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Creative adoption techniques for Knowledge Management initiatives there are some really interesting suggestions in this article on how to introduce a Knowledge Management initiative.
  • Knowledge Management: An Australian perspective
  • The Top Ten KM Projects of the year

This is a white paper from ILTA that is packed full of really useful content and which I would recommend to anyone interested in this subject.