The unspoken rules of blogging

Gareth Johnson aka llordlama has written an interesting piece in the latest CILIP Gazette in it he looks at how you can make your blog "sing" rather then "sag". So what are Gareth's top tips.

  • Readership - Who is the blog for - ensure you have a targert audience
  • Message - What are you trying to say - you need to stand out because of the number of blogs out there so think carefully about what you're going to say
  • Tone - You need to ensure you keep things light and informative
  • Length - Blog posts are usually shorter then other digital formats
  • Regular - As you build up a readership they will expect you to deliver, so make sure you do!
  • Conversation - Blogging shouldn't be about working in isolation you should be commenting on other people's posts as well to continue conversations and drive traffic to your blog.
  • Linkage - You should link often but only to quality resources
  • Beautify - As Gareth says there is no excuses for blogs to only comprise text
  • Promote, promote, promote - On Facebook, on Twitter on the WWW, wherever and however you can!
  • Reinvent - This is good to do once in a while to "shake things up"

Some really good tips here which if you're currently blogging or are thinking about starting a blog are well worth reviewing in full.