Izzy wizzy, let's get busy with Enterprise 2.0

Mary Abraham has published an interesting post on the "magic" of Enterprise 2.0. Called There’s No Easy Magic in E2.0 the post looks at how those people who advocate Enterprise 2.0 often become carried away with the possiblities of the tools they're working with and forget how difficult the adoption of these tools by organisations can be.

Mary writes in her post "Into this state of frustration comes what can appear to be the magic of E2.0. This has led some fervent E2.0 advocates to take an “if you build it they will come” approach or, in E2.0 terms, “if you provide it they will transform” approach. Their operating idea seems to be that social media tools are so easy to use and so viral, that once you introduce them into your organization they will spread like wildfire with little effort on the part of the knowledge manager. Unfortunately, too many of us are discovering that this is not necessarily the case"

Mary provides some sound advice from Lee Bryant of Headshift who recommends adopting the following approach when it comes to the intergration of Enterprise 2.0 tools:

  • Build quickly and iterate rapidly
  • Add a social layer to existing tools
  • Focus on quick wins, but be strategic

You can if you want rely on magic but I wouldn't recommend it!