Enterprise 2.0 adoption

The Fast Forward Blog have published a really interesting post on Enterprise 2.0 adoption, which I recommend everyone has a look at. The post called "Jakob Nielsen on Enterprise 2.0 adoption" is a summary of a study of the adoption of Enterprise 2.0 at 14 companies.

The post includes some useful suggestions for the adoption of Enterprise 2.0 of which I thought the following were the most interesting.

"...avoid advertising the new tools as new tools. Instead, simply integrate them into the existing intranet, so that users encounter them naturally"

If you have an Intranet that's fine - but what if you don't?

"...avoid burdening users with double work. Don't for example, force users to update their profile photos in both the traditional employee directory and a Facebook like social connection tool"

This one seems like a very sensible suggestion to me. I hate having to do this for all the social networks I'm a member of. Overall this is a very interesting post which summarises a much larger one.