Managing Social Media

Mashable have written an excellent post on "How to manage social media goals and expectations" the post writes about something I have a real problem with. Indivdiuals desire to have a billion followers! From the post:

"People have been setting some strange, unrealistic, and possibly misguided expectations recently in social media. While you might believe that you’re only worth something in social media if you have a huge audience, the simple fact is that it’s not true."

The post is essentially a guide to avoiding some of the "pitfalls" that come with using Social Media and how you can manage your own expectations. Some highlights from the post include:

  • Popularity v Real Value
  • Avoiding some of the pitfalls (like having a meltdown)
  • Setting goals (very important - what do you want to get out of Social Media?)

& finally remembering "it's not a race" that it really isn't about the most followers or who can get to a trillion followers quickest, it's the value you derive from using the tool.