KM tips for introvets

Neil Richards of the Knowledge Thoughts Blog has written an interesting piece entitled "Channel your inner George Costanza; KM tips for Introverts" In the post Neil looks at how introversion can effect the work of Library/Information Managers by influencing the networking they do and subsequently the number of people/groups that they're exposed to. This is especially important when it comes to Knowledge Management but I believe their is a much bigger issue, which is around marketing and self promotion.

Before I talk about that I want to say that although I broadly agree with Neil's comments that Librarianship and introversion go hand in hand I by no means believe that all Librarians are introvets. This would follow the widely believed stereotype that we're all bespectacled cardigan wearing women and also because there are many examples of Librarians who are extroverts. Anyone who has ever spoken at a Conference has to be fairly outgoing...or mad...or very brave. Many Librarians are also involved in the organisation and running of committees which does involve networking and talking with individuals outside of your "comfort zone"

In terms of marketing and self promotion Librarians, especially in Law Firms face some major problems. Yes we have pages on the Intranet which tell people what we do but do people actually know who we are? It would be interesting to poll a cross section of fee-earners to find out what they thought Law Libraries did and who worked in them. Effective promotion of ourselves and our resources is especially important in the current financial climate but how to do it? I certainly don' t have the answer, but there are a number of resources, which look useful:

How do Law Librarians promote their services? let me know!