JPMorgan Chase & Clife Woods 10K 2009

Two runs to report about here. The first the JPMorgan Chase Challenge is an annual race that I have taken part in for the last four years. I'm pleased to say that during that time period my times have always come down and this year was no exception.

My time (25:19) was a whole minute faster then last year was helped by very favourable conditions last week. Slightly overcast with a nice cool breeze. This year for the first time the organisers provided all competitors with a timing chip.

This meant that there was no need to rush to the front of the race (although people still did this) because your time was accurately recorded from the moment you passed over the start line to the moment you crossed the finish line. Unfortunately the race was marred slightly be people cheating, yes unbelievably cheating but ducking under ropes and cutting off some of the course. I find this behaviour unbelievable and not at all in the spirit of the race, which is for charity, at the end of the day they're only cheating themselves as well.

My last race was the Cliffe Woods 10k this is a great little race held in Cliffe no woods involved unfortunately. Like last year the temperatures were high (low 20's) but thankfully the organisers had laid on 3 water stops, which helped slightly.

There was also the option of being hosed down by a very kind old man in a garden that adjoined the course, bliss! Unfortunately instead of hosing me down generally a got a cold blast to my left hand side which was more shocking then helpful! The best thing about this race is that the start is always fast and this year was no exception as I ran a 3:51 for the first KM.

This was of course the only time I ran a sub 4 minute KM on this course as I finished in a time of 45:23 a full two seconds faster then last year. The run was significantly more competitive this year as it was part of the Kent Championships so I finished 147th out of 518 starters.