CLSIG events

I haven't been on the CILIP website for a while, essentially because I find it difficult to navigate but had reason to today when Hanna Lewin reminded me that the Commercial Legal and Scientific Group (CLSIG) are running a Web 2.0 event in the autumn.

I soon discovered that CLSIG have been very busy running all sort of useful events over the summer and publishing presentations and other material to the CILIP website. These include "Your information service under review: building a persuasive business case with presentations from Sandra Ward (Senior Assoicate at TFPL) called "Spotlight on the information service" and Sarah Fahy (Allen & Overy LLP) called "Pulling teeth: making a business case"

This event was part of a series of seminars organised by CLSIG called the "Professional Development Club" I've been on a couple of events organised by CLSIG and have always found the content interesting and the speakers enthusiastic. The events are always very well organised and importantly very reasonably priced. The next event in this series is a Web 2.0 event tentatively called "Web 2.0 - Pros and Cons" which is scheduled for September. I'm very much looking forward to this.