Are you obsolete or mission critical?

Mary Abraham from the Above and Beyond KM blog has written a very timely post called "Are you obsolete or mission critical" in which Mary points reader to an article from rickmans posterous blog called "Should knowledge managers look for a new job?"

As Mary indicates in her blog post "The message that comes through is that in an Enterprise 2.0 world there won’t be much of a need for knowledge managers who act as gatekeepers (i.e., deciding what information is worthy of collecting or sharing) or archivists (i.e., collecting and organizing information in a central repository in accordance with a strict taxonomy). Rather, knowledge managers who wish to remain employed will need to morph into facilitators who help people work with new collaboration tools, comply with community-derived tagging guidelines, and share information"

I like Mary agree with most of what Rick is saying and Rick has a nice summary of what a Knowledge Manager should be doing in his blog post which I recommend any who currently considers themselves a Knowledge Manager reads.

A Knowledge Manager can "...can help people in how they should work with the new tools, what the common guidelines for tagging should be, how people should rate information, how people can share information. Not by providing them a strict set of rules, but by providing them guidelines on how they could work. The group decides what best for them, if chaos is best for them, than it is chaos"