Navigating the Enterprise 2.0 Highway have published an interesting article on how US Law Firm Hicks Morley implemented Thoughtfarmer as a replacement to their existing intranet.

"A review was recently conducted that included an in-depth analysis of the site and user statistics as well as a feedback survey to determine the frequency of use, value of content, usability of the interface and ease of information retrieval. The results were very informative and are discussed in more detail below.

Approximately 40% of the firm's employees (including partners, associates and support staff) have contributed content to the (new) Intranet. Content updates to the old intranet were previously done by 4 people at the firm who had Dreamweaver installed on their desktop"

There were several things that stood out in this article but the biggest one for me was:

From 4 people to 40% of the firm, that is just mind boggling!