Making connections

David Lee King has written an excellent post on how he deals with the numerous requests he receives to follow people on Twitter, befriend people on Facebook etc etc. From his post "Who to friend? Who to ignore? Who to respond to? And when?"

It can be quite tricky deciding who to friend/befriend and who to ignore especially as the lines between professional and personal become more and more blurred. In terms of quantity David obviously receives a lot of notices from social media sites.

My strategy with these notices is to not receive them. So for instance with Facebook I don't need to know that x has commented on x's photo. If I'm interested in looking at the photo I will access Facebook and have a look at the notifications on the site not from an email I receive. I've also turned off notifications of friend requests. I visit Facebook most days so If someone wants to be my friend I hope I would notice pretty much straightaway.

What do other people do though?