Harvel 5 2009

Yesterday I ran the Harvel5, a 5 mile race round the village of Harvel in Kent. I hadn't run this race before so I wasn't sure to expect especially as the running club organising the race has the logo "A drinking club with a running problem"

The race also started at the very strange time of 2pm on a Saturday, if it had been really hot then I'm not sure I would have run as fast as I did. At the end of the race I'd finished with a time of 36:56 and was placed 179th out of 592 runners. This meant that my time for each mile was 7:23. I'm not sure I could keep that pace for 26.2 miles but I might be able to for 10 miles, only time and the North Weald 10 mile race on the 21st of June will tell!

Before then I have the Bluewater 10k and a holiday in France to look forward to!