BIALL Conference 2009

I hate to bang on about the BIALL Conference, both here and on the BIALL Blog but I'm uber excited about the Conference. Not only am I talking about one of my favourite subjects aka Social Media but the new BIALL website will be launched and I'll be catching up with a couple of friends who I haven't seen in more than 10 years.

I'm especially excited (call me sad if you will) about the launch of the new website. Not just because I have been working on the website, but because of the opportunities this will bring for BIALL to really utilise some of the technologies that have been around for a while but we haven't had the right platform to facilitate their use. I'm talking about tools like RSS, Wikis, Blogs, Photo galleries and some elements of Social Networking.

The website will also finally reflect the forward thinking organisation that we are and will showcase some of the skills that Law Librarians have. I for one cant wait!