Whistable 10k and Larkfield 10k

Two race reports here for the price of one! The first the Whistable 10k was my first race of the *new* running season so I didn't have great expectations in terms of my time. I was therefore pleasantly surprised when I finished with a time of 46:21, which placed me 145th out of 572 runners. This is a really nice race, with many supporters and family's there, it is after all on the first summer Bank Holiday of the year. Slightly disconcertingly there were a large number of morris dancers present...I'm not entirely sure why they where...presumably to dance as they weren't running. All in all a great run albeit slightly down on my time from last year.

My latest race was the Larkfield 10k this took place in surprise surprise Larkfield this Sunday the 17th of May. Larkfield is a very nice piece of Kent lying as it does next to the Leybourne Country Park. In fact most of the run took place around the park, which was nice although I was tempted to stop for a hot dog at one point when the rain got really bad, yes it was absolutely hammering it down for practically all of the race. This made running at points quite difficult so I was pleasantly surprised to finish with a time of 45:38 a full 42 seconds quicker then the Whistable 10k, which is probably an easier course.

My next race is the Harvel5 a 5 mile race through well...Harvel!