Making the case

This months edition of Inside Knowledge carries an interesting article* on the business case for and against the use of Social Software within an Enterprise. The article is an excerpt from the CMS Watch Enterprise Social Software & Collaboration Report and is a brief look at the "Hard" and "Soft Benefits" of using Social Software.

Hard actually means the financial gains from using Social Software, these include:

  • Reducing expenses
  • Increasing productivity
  • Increasing customer retention

Soft benefits, or those benefits that are more difficult to measure include:

  • Improving internal communication
  • Improving internal collaboration
  • Improving employee morale and retention and...
  • Improving agility(!) or how your company can adapt/respond to changes

This is a useful introduction to some of the benefits associated with using Social Media. Unfortunately the full report cost $1650.00 so I cant see my firm purchasing this!

*You will need a subscription to Inside Knowledge Magazine to read this article