Is RSS Dead?

Lee Bryant from Headshift has written a very interesting post about a subject very close to my and many other Law Librarians hearts - RSS. In the post Lee describes how many people within the Social Media/Web 2.0 industry have written RSS off citing Twitter as a replacement.

So the question Lee asks is "Is RSS really dead?" From the blog post:

"I am convinced that enterprise RSS is only just beginning it adoption curve, and it has tremendous value to offer both individuals and groups. Solving the information needs of an individual is pretty easy. Finding better ways to co-ordinate the activities of thousands of people is a lot more difficult, and flocking from new tool to new tool every six months is not an option. Weaning people off the Outlook or Blackberry inbox for actionable information and intelligence is widely recognised as an important need, but it will take time. RSS and similar syndication approaches will be a key part of that solution"

I'm pleased to see the Lee feels enterprise RSS is only just beginning to be adopted by organisations. I can't think of any Law Firm that currently uses RSS across the Enterprises both as a tool to wean people away from Outlook and Blackberries and as tool for providing information. There are certainly some good examples of Law Firms using RSS to provide information to their fee-earners around particular subjects, although this usually happens via an Intranet or Portal. The post goes on to look at how RSS could be used within an Enterprise and some of the problems vendors like Newsgator and Attensa are facing in terms of adoption.