How to..ReTweet

This is a great post I was made aware of recently which looks at how to ReTweet and be ReTweeted. To ReTweet is to basically forward a Twitter post that you have seen to your followers, thereby spreading information around the Twitterverse.

But how do you actually ReTweet a Tweet and perhaps more importantly create content on Twitter that is going to be ReTweeted? The post make several suggestions as follows:

  • Keep your ReTweet short
  • Read what you're sharing
  • Know your audience/followers

To get your Tweets ReTweeted:

  • Bulleted ListWrite good content
  • Include links
  • Remember your character count

Some useful suggestions here and a post that is well worth reading.

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    # by Matt Singley - Monday, June 01, 2009

    So glad you liked the post, thanks for mentioning and linking it! Cheers.