Has the Age of the Legal Knowledgebase Finally Arrived?

An interesting post here from the Technologist the "Findlaw Technology Blog" in which the author argues that "...Web 2.0 technologies can increase the adoption of knowledge management systems, and thus the benefit to law firms, by integrating the systems with attorneys' everyday experiences"

Many law firms have implemented Knowledge Management systems, which have ultimately failed either through lack of use or because the main users are those individuals who are responsible for Knowledge Management systems! So what does Web 2.0 have to offer Law Firms? Well according to the post, quite a lot.

"There are three overarching factors that allow this generation of tools to break with the past:

  • Ease of use
  • Searchability
  • Integration with actual lawyering"

I'm not sure "Lawyering" is actually a word, but there you go! The post goes on to discuss in more detail why these concepts are both essential for a Knowledge Management tool and how Web 2.0 tools provide this functionality.

This is a really interesting post, with a slight health warning that it is written by an employee of PBWorks so PBWorks is mentioned once or twice in the post.