CILIP Open Session on Web 2.0

Unless you've had your head buried in the sand for the last few days, you cant help but have noticed that the CILIP Open Session on Web 2.0 took place. This was an open session on how CILIP should be using Web2 technologies to engage with both members and non-members in the LIS community.

The meeting was widely attended by both Council Members and CILIP Members with initial presentations by Phil Bradley and Brian Kelly both well known Web 2.0/Social Media users. Phil and Brian's presentations are available on Tom Roper's blog. Tom was also one of the official "Twitterers".

If you're interested in seeing all of the Tweets from the sesssion you can run a search on Twittersearch for the term clip2 or search hashtags for cilip2, although these searches will return results post the event. There is also a Twitterfeed transcript.

There is also a full report of the event on the CILIP Council Blog. Unforttunately I wasn't able to watch the hold debate "virtually" but from the searches I have run on Twitter Search and the number of posts I have seen sprung up on blogs it certainly looks like it was a lively discussion. The question is how will CILIP respond?