The rise of the Knowledge Librarian

An interesting post here from the KM World Blog which looks at how the traditional role of a Corporate Librarian is changing as Libraries come under more and more pressure to cut budgets.

So what are the shifts in responsibilites that a Corporate Librarian must make to become a Knowledge Librarian? From the blog post;

"Role shift #1: A knowledge librarian should be the "content czar" of the enterprise. That role, often ascribed to the CIO or CKO, must be returned to the librarian, where it belongs"

"Role shift #2: A knowledge librarian understands the strategic information needs of the enterprise. Information is the primary raw material of the global knowledge-based economy"

"Role shift #3: A knowledge librarian is a lead agent of change. The librarian of the future must get out from behind the reference desk and become involved with everybody and everything" Pretty scary this one. I know from experience how difficult it can be to get out into the organisation and actually work with people including marketing how important the Library is.

This is quite an interesting article, which is well worth reading for an insight into how our roles could potentially change.