Can you tame Twitter?

The Anecdote blog has an interesting post on whether it's possible to tame Twitter and email. From the blog post:

"I think it's useful to have an analogy to explain how to use a technology. I think of Twitter as like my virtual tea room or cafe. It's the place I go to hear the chatter about what's happening. I will tend to sit down with some friends (using Tweetdeck) while also looking forward to meeting someone new. I'll share some ideas and resources and ask people for their help, experiences and opinions.

The problem was that I was in cafe (socializing) mode all day long when I should have enjoyed this social space like I use to when I worked in an organisation, at 10.30am and 3.30pm.

So my new regime has been to only participate in Twitter at 10.30 and 3.30 (for about 30 minutes at a time) and in times when I've decided I'm going to just have some fun (evenings, weekends). This doesn't mean that I'm going full pelt at Twitter in each session. It just means I have a read and participate during these times."

This is both an interesting analogy and an interesting way to limit the amount of time spent on Twitter. Could this also work for email though? according to the Blog post yes. This is a quite interesting strategy, which may work for some people. One of the things I do is not have my email open if I know I need to concentrate on a particular piece of work as it's way too much of a distraction. I also never have Outlook open over my lunch break. If I'm sitting at my desk and see that little envelope appear it's way too easier to just have a look at the new email!