Are you...worth it?

In the Library with the Leadpipe has published an interesting, although US focused post on Return on Investment here. From the Blog post: "Return on investment (ROI) is how much you get back for what you put into something. Strictly speaking, ROI is based on dollars and cents. So, you need to be able to quantify how much money was invested in something and then you need to compare how much money is gained or lost as a result of how the investment was handled. There are two kinds of questions that ROI is good at answering. One is: how much money will be gained by investing in a particular financial asset? The other is: will putting resources into a project or service yield a measurable benefit?"

The blog goes on to look at a number of areas, including Motivations for using ROI in libraries, Strategies for measuring ROI in libraries and finishes with some examples from Libraries. One of my responsibilites within my role is to prepare statistics on usage of the enquiry service by the firm. As such this post was quite interesting and is well worth reading if you're thinking about how you can measure ROI in your Library.