Resistance to RSS

The first line of this article from the February/March 2009 edition of the Internet Newsletter for Lawyers is "It is human nature that people are resistant to change" oh how true this is especially when it comes to the use of Web 2.0 technologies.

Thankfully the author is on hand to provide some tips on how to encourage/convince your employers to start using RSS (the subject of this article).

These are listed as;

  • Finding the technology-savvy partners and/or associates.
  • Try to convince people to look beyond the printed newspaper.
  • Create a short, concise slideshow or Powerpoint presentation to show the use of RSS in legal research, news gathering ans current awareness.
  • Locate the staff members who write, edit or compile in-house bulletins. Tell them how much time they could save in news gathering by using RSS

This is a great article full of some useful suggestions on how to encourage individuals to use RSS.

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    # by Neil Stewart - Thursday, March 12, 2009

    Ironic that the Internet Newsletter for Lawyers seems to be stuck in the mid-90s delivery wise, though.