Just for fun...27 things to do before a Conference

I'm speaking at "Managing the evolution of Legal Libraries and Information Services" next week so Chris Brogan's post on 27 things to do before a Conference seemed very timely.

Thn I thought what should you avoid doing at Conference and came up with the following, do post your own suggestions!

  • Leaving the notes accompanying your presentation at home and not realising until 10 minutes before your presentation.
  • Spilling, soup, sauce or slop on your shirt.
  • Sitting down next to someone realising you know who they are and struggling to remember their name for the rest of the day
  • Continually staring at someone's name badge because you cant remember their name
  • Taking a chocolate biscuit leaving it on your tea cup and ending up with melted chocolate
  • Taking the last chocolate biscuit - shocking behaviour

Note these are not based on personal experience...well not all of them at least!